Hetlandsskogen substaion

The proposed North Sea Energy Park in Hetlandsskogen is currently in the planning stages.

This industrial park will facilitate the establishment of power-intensive industries and associated infrastructure across an area of more than 600 acres in Bjerkreim municipality. This includes plans for a new power supply from the Bjerkreim substation to support a new substation in Hetlandsskogen. The power requirements of the new industrial park will be in excess of what existing infrastructure is able to support.

The plans propose that the Hetlandsskogen substation will be established at the northern end of the industrial park, to the west of Statnett’s 300kV overhead power line. The substation will initially serve the North Sea Energy Park on an exclusive basis.

The transformer capacity will be gradually increased to reflect the increase in connected loads. Initially, a license has been sough for the substation comprising three 50 MVA 132/22 kV transformers with a total capacity of 150 MVA.


The application for a license to construct the Hetlandsskogen substation was submitted on February 4th, 2021, and is currently awaiting processing by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

Once NVE begins processing the application, it will be put out to consultation. Furthermore, the process will follow standard casework procedure A, as set out in further detail here.


Documents will be published here when the license application is put out to consultation.


    • License application currently under preparation.