Bjerkreim  – Birkemoen

A new zoning plan for the Røysland Industrial Area II is currently under preparation. The purpose of this planning work is to expand the current, regulated industrial area based at Røysland.

The expansion of the industrial area may necessitate more power than the present infrastructure is capable of delivering, which is why there are proposed plans for a new power supply from Bjerkreim substation to a new substation at Birkemoen.

The new power supply will comprise a new 132kV overhead power line to be constructed from Bjerkreim substation to a new substation within the proposed industrial park.

The plans propose that a new substation will be established within the industrial park, initially serving new industries at Røysland.


  • 132kV overhead power line
  • 9,3km
  • 200MW

The application for a license to construct the overhead power line between Bjerkreim and Birkemoen was submitted on December 18th, 2020, and is currently awaiting processing by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

Once NVE begins processing the application, it will be put out to consultation. Furthermore, the process will likely follow standard casework procedure A, as set out in further detail here.


Documents will be published here when the license application is put out to consultation.


    • License application currently under preparation