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Rogaland Industrinett AS

Rogaland Industrinett AS aims to play a central role in preparing Rogaland for the green shift. We develop and facilitate projects to steer our region towards a more sustainable direction.

Our core business involves developing solutions for the production, transmission, and refinement of energy in collaboration with customers and suppliers. Innovation and forward-thinking are essential for our success in fulfilling the societal mission of making Rogaland more resilient to future needs for green energy.


North sea Energy Park
North Sea Energy Park

North Sea Energy Park, a planned industrial park where 250 hectares will be dedicated to power-intensive industries such as data centers, battery production, land-based fish farming or hydrogen production. We play a key role in the planning and have applied for grid license for power lines and a transformer substation for the proposed industrial area in the southern part of Rogaland.

Kart - Ny forsyning til Eigerøy og Egersund

New energy supply to Eigerøy and Egersund city

If Egersund is to be equipped for the development of new jobs in the future, the region requires an increased supply of green energy. On behalf of Enida, Rogaland Industrinett is working with a grid licence application for a new 132 kV supply to Eigerøy. The new infrastructure will enhance the supply security for both Eigerøy and the city of Egersund. In this way, we are facilitating the ability of new and existing industries to make strategic decisions for development that benefit the entire region.


Hydrogen production

Dalane Hydrogen is working to produce green hydrogen, a clean energy carrier for parts of the industrial and transportation sectors. Rogaland Industrinett is contributing to the project as a collaborative partner. We are involved in facilitating the grid connection and also exploring opportunities for scaling up production in the future in response to increasing demand.

About us

We are dedicated to realizing the goals of the green shift and building a greener future for Rogaland.

Our role in the green shift is not only a commitment; it is our opportunity to find effective solutions for the benefit of Rogaland and Dalane. Our ambition is to make wise decisions that strengthen Dalane’s position while integrating sustainability and nature conservation into our work.

As owners and applicants for grid licences for power lines and transformer substations, we are constantly seeking to facilitate further growth and development for the industry and businesses in the Dalane region.

The company is owned by Dalane Energi AS, a publicly owned energy group.


Contact us via email at, or speak directly with one of our staff:

Vidar Nodland, CEO

+47 474 53 939,

Hans Petter Dybing, Project Developer

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